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William Shatner Wants @SpoCats to Be Healthy

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I came home to a pile of mail in the mailbox. Now that I think about it – there was a lot of mail including two issues of Fine Cooking. Isn’t it interesting that there was mail?

Moving along – I realized somebody wants Mishe to be healthy and awesome. It even had her name on the cover.

I wondered who would want Mishe to be healthy and awesome? I flipped to the next page and squealed with delight. Obviously it was William Shatner all along. His smiling face totally says Mishe to be healthy and awesome in the latest issue of “Healthy Pet”.

I asked Mishe for her thoughts, but she simply stared at me with amazement.

Apparently VCA Manito Animal Hospital sends this out to all their clients. Inge did not receive a copy. I asked her if she was upset, but she declined to comment.


Holidays, the Time of Year I Relapse Playing RPGs

For some time now, I’ve been playing Skyrim, a RPG game for people who live reality by day and a fantasy world by night. Sometimes I’m able to break the bonds of obsession by clicking ALT+TAB and checking the tweets. The ambient noise from the game continues. 

Mike turned to me one evening to say, “Turn that game off.” I simply told him I like the ambient noise of rushing wind and blizzards on mountain tops while dragons roar in far off distances.

He then told me if I’m such a fan of that ambient noise, why don’t I just go outside and become an adventurer.


You mean, I could go outside and become a sword-slinger and sneak past guards into sewers and dungeons to make my way into keeps, manors and barracks?

This reminds me of a book called “Magic Kingdom for Sale – SOLD!” by Terry Brooks, a 1986 novel. A depressed lawyer escapes his life by buying a magical kingdom for $1 million out of a Christmas catalogue. Good book.

Moral of the story. When I hit ALT+TAB, I find myself checking out the tweets and immersing myself in Google Documents where story ideas for the week start rushing into my head and what’s this? A blog entry?


This time last year, I was fully immersed in Fallout: New Vegas and Fallout 3.

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