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Official Statement: I’ve Moved To @Tumblr

SPOKANE, WA – I’ve tired of WordPress. I’ve developed a strange habit of desiring to post long form blog entries on there, but I never have the motivation to write them. Instead, there’s Tumblr, this cute, short-form system that makes me want to write all sorts of crazy shenanigans.

If you follow me over to Tumblr, you’ll find my blurbs of journalistic whatever documented throughout the Inland Northwest. To sum it up, I want to post more, but want to keep it short and simple. Tumblr kind of forces you to do just that.

Plus, Mike bought me a fancy domain name. How could I resist? The actual blog is called News Blag. It’s a horrible mispronunciation of News Blog. 10 points to whoever guesses the reference.

Add to your new bookmarks. Add the RSS feed to your… feeds.



How Does #Spokane Feel About Snow Plows?

Just before Maple closed on Thursday night, there was this.

I’m on a Storify kick lately. Rumor has it – it could save journalism.

I noticed that people have been talking about snow plows lately. Maybe it’s because it snowed recently.


As of 11:00 a.m. on Friday, the National Weather Service reported 7″ of snow. That snow was not enough to close Eastern Washington University, but it was enough to make some students displeased. They voiced their concerns on Facebook and even Twitter.

Other Spokane area residents had something to say about snow plows. It was either bad – or pretty much horribly awful. Okay, there were a few yays in there.

Using the following search terms with a 10k radius around Spokane, I found tweets through Storify that mentioned: “plow”, “plows”, “plowed, “plowing”, “plowed”, “snowplow”, “fakespokaneplow”, “berm”, “berms”, “burm” and “burms”. I found 61 tweets for Friday, January 20th.

Storify: Tell Us How You Really Feel About Plows Part 2

After completing this task, I learned that there is a neat Twitter account called @GonzagaProblems that documents problems only students at that school have. It’s very similar to the popular hashtag: #firstworldproblems.

The following Twitter accounts spelled “berm” wrong: @rock945 and @spokanepd.

When I added the search term, “plowed” to my Storify, the majority of tweets were from businesses saying their parking lot had been plowed.


In case you missed out on Part 1, it documents tweets from Thursday.

Storify: Tell Us How You Really Feel About Plows Part 1

From Dawn to Dusk, What Apps Do I Use?

People sometimes ask me what apps I use throughout the day on my iPhone. Every person has their own needs and uses for apps. Since I work in news, mine are geared toward news gathering and production.

Let’s start with an imaginary morning and talk about what apps I use starting bright and early when my alarm goes off.

7:01 a.m. – Clock – It comes with your phone and it tells you to wake up. I have specific alarms for different events. You can name them too. My 7:01 a.m. alarm says, “Wake yo a$$ up!”. That’s a little embarrassing.

7:20 a.m. – Flipboard After hitting snooze a few times, I start flipping through my Twitter Flipboard to read the tweets in a visual manner that really gets the gears going in the brain. It’s a chance to see the visual elements in a tweet without having to click on it first. I can go through and retweet in a hazy mess and favorite tweets I want to revisit later for possible story ideas.

9:00 a.m. – Pandora Call me old fashioned, but I like the surprises I get on my “Electric Light Orchestra” station mixed with Elton John and Queen. There was a week where every morning when I dropped off Mike, the song “Time of My Life” played every single time. Weird.

9:05 a.m. – 5-0 Radio Once I drop off Mike, I dive into my guilty pleasure, an online app that allows you to listen to the scanners for multiple law enforcement agencies anywhere that allow public access to their frequency. Sometimes it’s nice to know what I’m getting into as I get into the work.

10:45 a.m. – Tweetbot What’s this? A moose on the loose on the Palouse!? Only in television news people. I jump in a news vehicle and let the world know there’s a critter wandering their hood.

I used the official Twitter app for awhile, but after the recent update it was truly a pain especially for those who have multiple accounts. It became worse during live-tweeting when I needed as much patience as possible. It would simply waste my time with crashing and terribly slow loading. I have better things to do than waste my time like… quoting George McGrath during city council meetings.

11:15 a.m. – Camera+ I’m a sucker for photo apps with filters. Unlike Instagram, this one has tons with the ability to adjust the white balance, rotate, crop and add borders. You can save right to your phone or upload straight to Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, SMS or email. I tend to get a little fancy with my pictures. In some newsrooms, they would frown upon the “cross process” filter. As I said, I’m a sucker for photo apps with filters. MOVING ALONG.

Fish and Wildlife officers are walking through the tall grass. Might as well shoot a photo for Twitter purposes. Upload straight to Twitter after minor adjustments. Must be careful to not trip on rocks while fiddling with phone.

11:30 a.m. – Voice Memos – A voice recorder comes with your phone. Neat, right? I catch up with Fish and Wildlife officers to talk about the moose we didn’t end up seeing. They tell me all about the procedural steps behind the scenes on how they deal with moose. I have it all on a recording that I can go back to later in the newsroom. I throw on a pair of headphones and transcribe.

12:30 p.m. – Foursquare Time to grab the $8 grilled cheese sandwich and potato salad at The Viking. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. One day I will telecommute from the fire place because it’s so much warmer than the newsroom.

6:30 p.m. – Untappd Oh, look at the time. It’s beer o’clock. I don’t update this one as much as I should. I don’t have many friends on it either. Partly because I’m ashamed that I really love Trader Joe’s Simpler Times and… I drink it a lot. This app lets all my beer buddies know what brewskie I’m crackin’ open and what I think of it.

Do some of these surprise you? By no means am I revolutionary in my app routine. As I progress through this normal routine, I find myself accessing the Facebook app less and less. I check it out through Facebook, but the re-sharing opportunity is not as grand. Instagram lost its appeal to me because it was not playing nice with Storify. So I kind of gave up. I want to work it back into my life, but it’s hard to find the right moment.

Some of the “apps” on my home screen are not apps at all, but instead bookmarks. I have one folder dedicated to KXLY’s community sites and others dedicated to some of my favorite blogs in the region. I read The Slice daily – usually when I’m drinking my coffee in the morning.

Share: What apps help you during your day?

Follow @Cat_eBooks for a Good Cat

I love the smell of bots in the morning. It’s unknown if @cat_ebooks, an obvious play on @horse_ebooks, is actually a bot or not. For all we know, it’s really a cat. One thing’s for sure – they speak the words every cat lover wants to hear. “Every cat a king”, or simply: “Sandwich comes alive.”

I even learned the origin of the twitter avatar. It’s art by Karen Hull, an Australian artist. She even has tutorials you can print out for creating “realistic” artwork.

For anyone that’s curious, the domain for expires in May of 2012.




Twitter: Follow @Cat_eBooks for Cat Tree News

Follow: @Horse_eBooks For a Good

I love the smell of [insert awesome thing about Saturday] in the morning. One result of spam bots taking over Twitter is apparently some Russian guy wants to sell you ebooks about horses, but he fails in a-“I’m invincible!”-kind of way. It should be illegal that this account has so many followers. I dare you to take the vague utterances of Horsey Books and make an real story. Maybe an ebook.

Horse ebooks



Twitter: Follow @Horse_eBooks For Horsey News

Follow: @PepperSprayCop For a Good Time

I love the smell of a fake account on an Apple Cup morning. One result of the Occupy Movement has been an officer who some say went a little too far with his pepper spray. Now he’s all over the Internet willy-nilly spraying it everywhere like a tom cat. Maybe he was a little power-hungry. Maybe it was the mustache. We may never know.

We do know that even Hitler isn’t impressed with this guy. He shared his reaction on Wednesday.

“I like pepper spray. I dislike protestors.”




Twitter: Follow @PepperSprayCop For Meme News

Follow: @WTAJLiveTruck For a Good Time

I love the smell of a fake account on a news day morning. One result of the recent #PennState riots– an angry mob knocked over a live truck belonging to CBS-affiliate, WTAJ based out of Altoona. No photographers or reporters were hurt during the live truck chaos, but gasoline did spill from the vehicle. Nothing bad happened, but you can imagine the cinematic slow motion– if something had.

@WTAJLiveTruck“Last seen in prone position on Penn State Campus. Survivor. RF transmitting witch. A truck that ain’t laying down for anyone, unless they push me over.”

Twitter: Follow @WTAJLiveTruck For Live Truck News

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