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Recipes for Banana Bread and Preserved Children

If I told you I was not one of those people who buy books because I think they would look great on my book shelf, I’d be lying. I went antiquing Sunday afternoon to get some decent FitBit miles in and I bought some books not only because they’d look great on my shelf, but I thought – why the hell not.

Kootenai Kitchen

This is the one I hope makes Huckleberries Online a little jealous. Circa 1981. Kootenai School in Kootenai, Idaho (north of Sandpoint) wrote a recipe book. Some of the recipes include three different kinds of banana bread, jiffy doughnuts and “preserved children”.

“Take one large field, half a dozen children, two or three small dogs, a pinch of brook and some pebbles. Mix the children and dogs well together, put them on the field, stirring constantly. Pour the brook over the pebbles, sprinkle the field with flowers, spread over all a deep blue sky and bake in the sun. When brown, set away to cool in the bathtub.”

What the [censored]?

The Warren Report: The Official Report on the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy

Because why not? This is the one that is going to look fabulous on my edgy bookcase. You can read it in its entirety online at Google Books.

Exploring Journalism With Special Emphasis on Its Social and Vocational Aspects.

How to be a journalist. Circa 1944. Let’s just share a selection from page 193 called “News About Women.”

“Although women read all parts of the newspaper, they appreciate especially the columns and sections devoted to such topics as women’s affairs, fashions, cookery, charm, housekeeping and buying. In the trend to departmentalization of newspapers, news about women is easily segregated.”

Does this still hold true today? Pinterest, Etsy, Outblush, Real Simple, Fine Cooking, etc.


Follow @Cat_eBooks for a Good Cat

I love the smell of bots in the morning. It’s unknown if @cat_ebooks, an obvious play on @horse_ebooks, is actually a bot or not. For all we know, it’s really a cat. One thing’s for sure – they speak the words every cat lover wants to hear. “Every cat a king”, or simply: “Sandwich comes alive.”

I even learned the origin of the twitter avatar. It’s art by Karen Hull, an Australian artist. She even has tutorials you can print out for creating “realistic” artwork.

For anyone that’s curious, the domain for expires in May of 2012.




Twitter: Follow @Cat_eBooks for Cat Tree News

Do You Party Like a Journalist?

Sometimes I like to fancy myself a real journalist, but then my obsession with writing cat-related stories says otherwise. My response? Cats are the future. Or at least a few million years in the future if you go with the Doctor Who universe of catkind on New Earth.

Television News: Left to Right - The Anchor Man, The Anchor Lady & The Weather Man

Mike points out that if I have to start out my blog entry by saying, “Sometimes I like to fancy myself a real journalist”, – really says otherwise.

Am I? I found a checklist. Let’s go through it and find out together.

1. Written a 15-inch story in 30 minutes

Doesn’t apply. I work in television news/web which has its own set of rules – or no rules at all. It’s like the Wild West out there.

2. Corrected a loved one’s grammar in a greeting card


3. Replaced one of the major food groups with coffee

I keep my own Trader Joe’s creamer hidden in the communal refrigerator.

4. Own your own police scanner

I asked for one for Christmas, but didn’t get it – but I did receive a radiation detector. You can actually listen to a menagerie of scanners via the iPhone app, 5-0 Radio.

5. Eat in your car more often than you do at a table

I try not to make the news vehicles messy, so I avoid this at all costs. I do see the remnants of meals left by previous drivers.

6. Gotten fired/laid off for no good reason

Not in news – yet.

7. Forgotten what it’s like to have the weekend off

Uh oh. I work Monday-Friday

8. Can no longer read a newspaper without scanning for typos and errors

Print content? Not so much. Web content? All the time.

9. Learned that being told to “fuck off “ and “go to hell” is part of the job

Surprisingly enough – no one has told me this yet.

10. Woke in a cold sweat thinking you forgot to change the date on A1.

I have jumped out of bed in the middle of the night realizing that I wrote something wrong or I forgot to change something.
11. Spend your down time coming up with the perfect lede

“Breaking Mews” was a 15-minute meme in the newsroom.

12. Slept in your car and not because you were too drunk to drive home

Why would I go out when I have a fine selection of cherry vodka and root beer liqueur in the cabinet? Also, check out the hashtag: #partylikeajournalist

13. Found that fine line between harassment and persistence.

Call once. Call twice. Email. Call three times, leave a message. Call four times. Knock on their door.

14. If you needed bail, the first person you would call would be your editor.

If only I had such a thing in television.

15. You analyze city council meetings the way sportscasters break down Monday night football.

Things Joe Shogan Says and George McGrath

16. You think it’s normal to work 16 hours a day for 8 hours pay

Election Night!

17. Have conducted a phone interview while completely naked

No comment.

18. Can write an entire interview on a cocktail napkin.

Sometimes I write them on the back of receipts.

19. Threatened to quit over an editorial decision.

Dude. Spokane is apparently #1 for the worst hiring outlook for 2012.

20. You couldn’t imagine doing anything else
Sometimes I think I can, but then I realize that cat stories are AWESOME.

Source: Stuff Journalists Like – Checklist For Being a Real Journalist

The list was generated by mostly print-oriented journalists. I attempted to search for a similar television-esque/web checklist to refer to, but gave up because the cat wouldn’t stop licking my fingers while I was typing. Don’t ask.

Follow: @Horse_eBooks For a Good

I love the smell of [insert awesome thing about Saturday] in the morning. One result of spam bots taking over Twitter is apparently some Russian guy wants to sell you ebooks about horses, but he fails in a-“I’m invincible!”-kind of way. It should be illegal that this account has so many followers. I dare you to take the vague utterances of Horsey Books and make an real story. Maybe an ebook.

Horse ebooks



Twitter: Follow @Horse_eBooks For Horsey News

More #Spokane Blogs, Plz! KTHXBAI!

Here’s an idea for a local blog that has not been capitalized on — “The Marmot Chronicles: The Adventures and Discoveries with Spokane’s Most Interesting Mammal.”

Okay, maybe that title was slightly altered from Scientific American’s new blog: Octopus Chronicles: Adventures and Discoveries with the Planet’s Smartest Cephalopods. It’s a good idea, right?

Imagine an online venture discussing nothing but Spokane marmots. They’re practically our mascot. All we need is an “expert”, a field observer and a critic to make it happen. Somebody do it!

I’ll retweet the hell out of that.

Marmots in Space: Marmot is the official mascot of NASA’s ARCADE project. True story. 

Tutorial: Aging Clothes Pins For Selfish Purposes

I’m not a craft blogger. I chose long ago to never pick a specific niche. Every now and then I come across an easy DIY project that I want to share with the world. Since Green Bluff, I’ve been researching drying techniques. I’ve also learned a cool tutorial for varnishing wood.

When I was at the hardware store picking up supplies for my drying line, the Ace Hardware employee said, “Here: use these for clipping stuff to the metal wire.” He handed me big plastic bag clips. My years of Real Simple subscriptions could not handle this.I pretty much ran out of the store and picked up clothes pins at Rosauers on 14th. I wanted “that look”. Please add input where you think it needs it.

spray paint, rubber gloves, brush, clothes pins, sand paper, cat

glass jar, steel wool, vinegar, cat

Tools Needed: 

Spray Paint – I chose satin textures in more pastel type colors. At Ace Hardware they had a pistachio green and cream. For a earlier project I already had the slate blue.

Brush – A 1-inch wide brush is good enough. If you have kids, steal it from their paint sets.

Glass Jar – You’ll place your vinegar in this.

Steel Wool – One chunk should suffice.

Rubber Gloves – You’ll want to protect your hands from the varnish solution and sand paper.

Sand Paper – To use on the clothes pin.

Clothes Pins – You can buy a pack for $2.49 at Rosauers.


Day 1 (Evening) – Fill your glass jar with vinegar. Shove the steel wool in. Spray paint one side of the clothes pins. Do it outside.

Day 2 (Morning) – Spray paint the other side of the clothes pins. Do it outside.

Day 2 (Evening) – Sand down the clothes pin to take off as much paint as you see fit. Put on your gloves. Open the vinegar jar and squeeze the vinegar out of the wool. Leave it alone for awhile. It should begin to oxidize and turn a weird orange color. Come back and begin to paint your clothes pins with the vinegar solution. Let them dry. When you come back, they’ll be all kinds of pretty.

Below is a visual process of the clothes pins from start to finish:

An unprocessed clothes pin. Naked.

Clothes pins after they've been spray painted and dried. Prior to sanding.

Spray painted clothes pins, but not yet sanded down.

Clothes pins on the metal wire holding drying peppers.

Area Residents Rejoice as Grand Blvd. Reopens

Road crews wrapped up construction on Grand Boulevard Thursday evening. It was a surprise commuting drivers didn’t expect when they drove up the hill after work.

Crews had been working on the re-paving project since May, but now the closure signs are gone. Not a construction worker is in sight. The street is completely paved for the first time since May.

“It was a pleasant surprise,” said one neighbor.

Nicole Hensley, a South Hill resident has been cursing the City’s name since May. It all started with a heavy “street closed” sign that ended up in her driveway.

“Five minutes dragging a sign out of your driveway so you can go to work in the morning is kind of a buzz kill,” Hensley said. She continued, “I complained to the City on Twitter, but they never responded.”

In the early part of May and June, the construction on Grand would vibrate the whole house. Trinkets on Nicole’s trinket shelves would vibrate slightly.

“I woke up to it every morning, Monday through Friday. It made SpoCats slightly nervous. One of them may have been permanently damaged,” she added.

Regional pedestrians, cyclists and drivers can check out the brand new street. Simply go outside and follow the new street smell. Kind of like new car smell, but more expensive.

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