Regarding Vehicle Pursuits and Fairy Tales

For the second week in a row, I’ve found myself exiting the warmth of my home to explore possible breaking news on Spokane’s South Hill. This time I was about to start the next episode of Once Upon a Time*, when I heard sirens about to race by the SpoCats household. I don’t usually look to see what it is because it’s typically an ambulances. This time, I looked and it was a speeding patrol vehicle – lights on.

Let’s just say I got super excited. I turned on my 5-0 Police Scanner App and started hearing chatter about a pursued truck, spike strips along 29th and a foot pursuit. I ran around my house trying to collect my thoughts. It’s so close! How could I not go?

Well, I went. You can say it: I’m a nerd. Turns out some guy in the county decided not to pull over when Sheriff’s deputies tried to stop him for a broken tail light. Mike later remarked, “It’s ALWAYS a broken tail light.”  The man led deputies on a pursuit to Latawah and 29th where they caught him as he tried to flee on foot.

Read: Broken tail light sends Sheriff’s deputies into cross-jurisdiction pursuit

Last week when I covered “breaking news” on the South Hill, I mentioned I was doing KXLY’s Fit Club and I recently obtained a Fit Bit to track how much I walk, what I eat, etc. Here’s an update. Since I started, I’ve lost three pounds. Please hold your applause until the end.

* Regarding Once Upon a Time. – I hate the show, but I can’t stop watching it. Every single time “Madam Mayor” enters the screen, I can’t help but say, “She’s too hot to be a mayor.” I have no problem with the fairy tale part of the show. It’s the “reality” that kills me. In what world can a city mayor have any power over a sheriff or its deputies? Excuse me: STORYBROOK IS A FANTASY CITY SYSTEM. IN WHAT WORLD DOES A MAYOR ATTEMPT TO APPOINT A JOURNALIST AS A SHERIFF. IN WHAT WORLD CAN GUSTAVO “GUS” FRING PLAY A REALLY HARMLESS NEWSIE WHO SMILES. WAAAH!


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