Political Pies

I feel obligated to report this information, even if it’s trivial to some. There were free pies at Monday night’s city council meeting. It was National Pie Day and that’s how they celebrated. It was like a runway of pies. One right after another, lighting the way to a pyramid of forks.

There were so many pies to go around that at the end of the meeting, by order of the council president, pretty much everyone had to leave with one.

On the agenda this evening was a resolution to approve the city’s revised mission statement. Mayor David Condon came downstairs to introduce the statement, but before he strolled into the council chambers, he stopped for some pie.

This was an irresistible opportunity to strike up harmless conversation about pie favsies.

“What’s your favorite kind of pie?” I asked.

He responded with a chuckle, “Ooh, I don’t know. Are you going to blog this? Like you did with the cookies?”

At this point I’m just tickled that he remembered that one time at a neighborhood council meeting where I noticed what kind of cookie he selected.

It was Councilman Jon Snyder who recommended the  Dutch Apple Pie and after a quick taste test, Condon decided that flavor was his favorite.

“Once in a while, we need to celebrate these great things [National Pie Day],” Condon said to the council explaining that there was free pie for the taking.


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