How Does #Spokane Feel About Snow Plows?

Just before Maple closed on Thursday night, there was this.

I’m on a Storify kick lately. Rumor has it – it could save journalism.

I noticed that people have been talking about snow plows lately. Maybe it’s because it snowed recently.


As of 11:00 a.m. on Friday, the National Weather Service reported 7″ of snow. That snow was not enough to close Eastern Washington University, but it was enough to make some students displeased. They voiced their concerns on Facebook and even Twitter.

Other Spokane area residents had something to say about snow plows. It was either bad – or pretty much horribly awful. Okay, there were a few yays in there.

Using the following search terms with a 10k radius around Spokane, I found tweets through Storify that mentioned: “plow”, “plows”, “plowed, “plowing”, “plowed”, “snowplow”, “fakespokaneplow”, “berm”, “berms”, “burm” and “burms”. I found 61 tweets for Friday, January 20th.

Storify: Tell Us How You Really Feel About Plows Part 2

After completing this task, I learned that there is a neat Twitter account called @GonzagaProblems that documents problems only students at that school have. It’s very similar to the popular hashtag: #firstworldproblems.

The following Twitter accounts spelled “berm” wrong: @rock945 and @spokanepd.

When I added the search term, “plowed” to my Storify, the majority of tweets were from businesses saying their parking lot had been plowed.


In case you missed out on Part 1, it documents tweets from Thursday.

Storify: Tell Us How You Really Feel About Plows Part 1


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