Learning To Say “May I” For Photo Shoots

Front and center is the Parkade parking tower, a well-known image in the Spokane skyline. The Riverfront Park clock tower sticks out along the river. Mt. Spokane is a popular sight for business employees in the Bank of America Financial Center upper floors.

A lot of people ask me how I gain access to unusual places for photography. Whether it’s hospital helicopter pads or missile silos, there’s a common theme behind each location – I ask.

Asking permission sounds scary at first. What if they say no? Is it a stupid request? The individual you’re asking might act a little off at first, but only because this is a rare question sent in their direction. In my experience, they’ve always said yes.

There are conditions. In some situations, you may need to be escorted around. When this happens, I keep my stay short and sweet. I know exactly what I’m doing when I go in. I don’t want to waste any one’s precious time. I’m courteous to those who are willing to show me around because I’m on their turf.

This was the situation for visiting the Bank of America Financial Center Wednesday morning. With permission from the property owners of the building, a security guard escorted me to the rooftop where I proceeded to take some shots of the surrounding downtown area. It took fifteen minutes max.

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There was paper work involved. With locations like this, sometimes they may supply you with a liability waiver. This is for worst case scenarios. A lot of things could go wrong twenty floors high. They have a yellow line marking the boundary from the rooftop ledge for a reason.

Share: I’m interested to know your experience for photography on private property. How did you gain access or were you rejected?


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