I Beat the System


Photo Courtesy: National Park Service - Sheriff's Deputies had to use binoculars to identify the stuck in the mud SUV as a red Toyota 4-Runner. The driver faces prison and fines for destroying vegetation with his vehicle.

Yesterday, I really wanted to jump out of my newsroom chair and shout, “I BEAT THE SYSTEM!” and then let everyone wonder what I meant. In a way – I think I did beat the system. Here’s how I did it:

Read More: Man faces charges for destroying Lake Roosevelt Vegetation

It wasn’t the headline – it was the photo. A picture of a red Toyota 4-Runner that was stuck in a Lake Roosevelt swamp last year just before Halloween.

National Park Services hinted that they had photos from the day a crew of them had to hike into the swamp to remove the vehicle because the towing company wouldn’t. Without a visual element, my story would de-fizzle.

I called the offices for Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area and explained my intentions. They responded by saying I’d have to file a FOIA and that would take forever and couldn’t meet my deadline of same-day or next morning. I told them I was a dreamer and a wishful-thinker. With a few tugs of strings up top, I have a photo taken over a year ago from the scene.

The online version of the photo had its quality reduced when it was uploaded, but if you look carefully at this version (same photo – just bigger), you can see a Keystone beer can hanging out on top. Look just behind a tree branch.


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