The Answer to the Sunday Question

The secret to a Sunday afternoon? Poutine. Don’t worry if you’re no where close to Canada or Minnesota or Wisconsin. There are ways in Spokane to bring the northern favsies to your kitchen and finally — to your belly. Here at the Hensley-Tigas household, we honor our northern neighbors and their American step-children every week.

When the snow covers the sidewalks and you’re home bound with nowhere to go, it seems like your only option is poutine. Listen to your gut instinct. It’s right.

Stock up! Some of these ingredients to a delightful Sunday afternoon are in high demand.

Here’s the Hensley-Tigas method for a Sunday afternoon. Cats not included:


We go with the Yukon Gold variety of frozen french fries. They’re available at any major grocery store with an organic/all-natural frozen section. We use a bag and a quarter just to satisfy our afternoon cravings for two. We won’t eat again until Walking Dead.


Thank god for Trader Joe’s. Without it, we would be missing two core ingredients. We go with the pre-made turkey gravy. It’s easy to prepare. We heat half the box on the stove to pour over the plate of fries.

Cheese Curds

Poutine is not poutine unless you have cheese curds. With our luck, we’ve only found curds at the Rocket Market. The kicker? The Market only orders curds in packets of three. We’ve bought them all. Call them and ask them to order more cheese curds. Maybe they’ll order more if the demand is there. Not going to lie, they’re expensive.


You need a good beer with Poutine. For four dollars, you can pick up a decent six-pack of ‘Simpler Times Lager” from Trader Joe’s. In a can. Of course it’s in a can. They’re $0.66 each. That’s cheaper than PBR. I think. And it’s decent! 6.2 percent alcohol by volume and we’re having a great Sunday afternoon. Produced in Monroe, Wisconsin. Simpler Times Brewing Co. is actually Minhas Craft Brewery. We see through your lies, Trader Joe’s!



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