That’s One Milestone Scratched Off the List

".@BlushResponse signing her life away to @KXLY4News! I'm so proud :)" /@TSlauson

When I was in junior high, we created a list of milestones that we wanted to accomplish in our lifetime. I was just sharing this memory with Mike and he asked me what I wrote down. I said, “Things that don’t matter.” He replied, “They mattered. It’s all about context.” To a 13-year-old girl, prom mattered. To a 24-year-old woman [saying woman makes me feel old and weird], having a career matters.

Today is one step closer to even more milestones. I am now a full-time employee at KXLY-TV. This means a lot to me after years of being promised a potential full-time career and watching that promise drift farther and farther away from me every day.

Now I feel like I’m getting somewhere.

My current position is web producer. I focus primarily on our hyper-local community websites that dig up news from every nook and cranny in some of the more urban parts of Eastern Washington and North Idaho, to the rural. Every day, I write and write and write. I’ve thrown together some interesting news material including: interviewing primary election candidates on the eve of a general election, tracing the footsteps of a web design crime-fighting team, watching a cat be shaved, etc.

I’ll be doing that still, but somewhere in between it all, there will be more. I’m not sure what that entails, but I know there will be more.

Question: What more would you like to see that receives little to no coverage? 


About blushresponse

online web producer, photographer, radio host and producer, social media enthusiast, occasional blogger and newbie bicyclist who had their bike stolen. #FAIL

5 responses to “That’s One Milestone Scratched Off the List”

  1. lkissler says :

    Congratulations on becoming full time!
    Personally, I’d love to see more stories about kittens, my #crazyneighbor and super awesome local credit unions. But, that’s all pretty self-serving huh?

  2. Elliot Stoll says :

    Congratulations! It’s exciting to see someone in the are fulfilling their dream.

    I’d like to see more in depth coverage (or any in depth coverage) of Spokane Valley elections. I know that this is a very very small market, but it’s hard to find additional information on some of the ballot measures and on some of the candidates for the local offices. I have to rely on Facebook, and that’s never good.

    Am I looking in the wrong place?

    • blushresponse says :

      During this last election cycle, I found myself covering Spokane (city) council races. Maybe it’s because I found them more accessible? Spokane Valley officials are a little out of my expertise because I don’t know them very well.

      For next year, I know I want to focus more on the smaller races that gets overlooked by the main media outlets in Spokane. Not only do they deserve to be covered, it’s a necessity.

  3. Jerry Post says :

    You were supposed to sign that document in blood.

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