Apparently SIRI Suggests More Than Just Places To Eat

The future of pulp fiction revolves around Siri. She’s that femme fatale you wish you never met, but man, you’ll never forget. You can hear the sirens running down the parallel streets. Your foot prints dig deep in the mud. Struggling with breath, you say, “I think I just killed someone.” Unsure of your words, she attempts to confirms, “Is that really so?” Your blood-shot eyes burn while saying the words you already regret, “Yes.”

She has nothing to say to you, but “I thought so.”

That’s an actual dialogue between “Joshua” and his new iPhone 4S featuring SIRI. Apparently Siri says some crazy stuff. He provides excellent examples of her whacky talk including multiple answers for “What is the meaning of life?”

Mike is coming home from Missouri with a new 4S. I can only the imagine the things I’ll whisper into Siri’s ear.

When I’m not home, I’ll ask: “Siri, what are @spocats up to?” She’ll most likely reply with: “No good.”

When I’m at the grocery store: I’ll ask, “Siri, what should I have for dinner?” She’ll reply with: “Lettuce. You checked into Five Guys and Froyo today.”

When I’m at a city council meeting, I’ll ask: “What would George McGrath do?” She’ll reply with: “Your three minutes are up.”


About blushresponse

online web producer, photographer, radio host and producer, social media enthusiast, occasional blogger and newbie bicyclist who had their bike stolen. #FAIL

One response to “Apparently SIRI Suggests More Than Just Places To Eat”

  1. lkissler says :

    Absolutely loved this.

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