Blush Response Featured in Spokane Metro Magazine

Featured on page 12 of "Urban Affairs: The Short List" of September 2011 issue.

Apparently I’m a hyper-local honey. That’s what happens when you wave your hyper-local goods around like a social media hussy. In the recent issue of Spokane Metro Magazine, contributor Tricia Jo Webster paints me to be a social media super hero. Perhaps I am. If anything, that just gives me an excuse to wear my Jolly Roger flag as a cape.

The entire interview was conducted in the cosmetic section at Target. Meanwhile, Mike kept trying to distract me with shenanigans, but I was all like, “None of that now!” Actually it was nothing like that. It was more like, “Nicole, get off the phone so we can buy a corkscrew.” Nothing could stop me from spewing my experiences with police ride-alongs, shuttle launches, being a cat owner and my love for social media.

Minor Notes: The featured photograph was from the blog post, “May Recap of Your Community.” That’s when I was provided with my very own KXLY fleece. Just in time for summer.

Also: For my next featured Twitter user set, I’d like to add one more to my annual to-do in addition to “Creative Spaces”. I was thinking either Twitter users with their pets or Twitter users with their kitchens. Your thoughts?

Oops: Tricia spelled blushresponse wrong in the URL, but I fixed it. Kind of.



About blushresponse

online web producer, photographer, radio host and producer, social media enthusiast, occasional blogger and newbie bicyclist who had their bike stolen. #FAIL

3 responses to “Blush Response Featured in Spokane Metro Magazine”

  1. Joe Webber says :

    spelling… arrgh

  2. Lance says :

    Helo and Boomer would love to be featured in your next series with Spokane-area Tweeps. 🙂

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