This is What Happens When I Miss City Council Meetings

It sounds like George McGrath was up to no good once again over at the city council chambers. Word reached me that he was kicked out of Monday’s meeting. Not so much kicked out literally, but asked to leave and escorted out by security. Public comment was being taken about the police ombudsman oversight rules. Apparently some words were said that broke some rules…

Here’s what Jonathon Brunt, Spokesman-Review said what happened:

Shogan ordered one attendee, conservative radio talk show host George McGrath, to leave when he used the word “murder” when referencing Zehm. Another man, David Brookbank, later shouted from the back of the chambers for Shogan “to stop his abuse” of those who testify. Brookbank, who agreed to leave after his outburst, appeared to be frustrated that Shogan repeatedly mispronounced his name. – (Read more at The Spokesman-Review)

I double checked the city council packet that has rules of addressing the council and no mention of derogatory statements were found. The only rule that could affect the spewage of opinion could be bullet point No. 4.

“In order that evidence and expressions of opinion be included in the record and that decorum befitting a deliberative process be maintained, modes of expression such as demonstration, banners, applause and the like will not be permitted.” – (Read more at Spokane City Council)

It doesn’t look like McGrath technically broke that rules, but take a look at the exact dialogue yourself transcribed from Monday’s city council meeting:

McGrath: …and here we have the police guild, our thin blue line, which is so protected by the citizens of Spokane… that they murder some of our…
Shogan: Okay, Mr. McGrath. You’re done. Sit down.
Shogan: Two reasons: you’re off topic and you’re talking about murder.
McGrath: What do you call it when somebody is killed?
Shogan: Well, that’s homicide. You’re arguing a case you can’t even argue about. *motions to officer* He’s out of here.
McGrath: Your freedom of speech leaves something to be desired, Mr.Shogan.
Shogan: So is your knowledge of the facts.
McGrath was then escorted out by the city council security, an officer of Spokane Police.
Check out this rule in the council packet:
“There will be an opportunity for the expression of public views on any issue not relating to the Current or Advance Agendas during the Open Forum at the conclusion of the Legislative Agenda.” – (Read more at Spokane City Council)
Either McGrath was off-topic and Shogan had every right to cease his comment or Shogan had every right to cease his comment. What do you think? 
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