Proof: Cats Are Un-American, Freedom-Hating Creatures of Doom

Employees of the Spokane County Elections Office filled out 49 provisional ballots for Tuesday’s primary election. When the mailed out ballots fail the voter, the Elections Office sends them to the nearest Elections Center, and yes they still exist.

Either for nostalgia, habit or pure panic, you can cast your vote either standing up or sitting down. Out of pure curiosity, I visited the Election’s Office..

After a quick tour, Spokane County elections manager, Mike Mclaughlin explained the provisional ballot system during their busy post-election work-day. For any reason, people may mosey in with any number of reasons. The first priority is always to make voting available to anyone that wants to..

There were five elections centers and each had their own curiosities. Here’s a couple of selections:.

North Spokane Library:

  • “I made a messy mistake on my original ballot.”
  • “I forgot about election day.”
  • Two people stated they didn’t get a ballot.

Center Place (Spokane Valley):

  • “I lost my ballot.”

STA Plaza:

  • 38 provisional ballots were filled out, but no comments were listed due to the concept explained by McLaughlin, “Don’t ask questions. If they want to vote, here it is.” (As long as they’re registered.)

St. Mark’s Church:

  • “I moved.”
  • “I didn’t have a ballot with my home address.”
  • “I mailed my ballot after 7 p.m.”
  • “I mailed my ballot without a stamp.”
  • “I lost my ballot.”
  • “My cat ate my ballot.”

Wait, what? A cat ate a ballot?.

True story. As luck would have it, it was my cat that ate my ballot. At 7 p.m. as I walked into the kitchen to grab a bite to eat before running off to the South Hill Library, I heard the sound of disaster. I ran into the living room to find Inge ripping my ballot to shreds..

I arrived at the St. Mark’s elections center at 7:45 p.m. and after all the paperwork was done, I was the last voter to cast their vote for the primary election at 8 p.m., the voting deadline..

And then I got a “I voted” sticker.


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