Washington State Patrol to Tweet Dispatch Incidents

The Washington State Patrol is taking after Seattle by tweeting and Facebooking their dispatch on Wednesday, August 17th. From 6 a.m. to Midnight, they’ll describe in short blurbs the type of incidents their troopers respond to including traffic stops, collisions, forensics, inspections, enforcement and more.

Dan Coon, media relations for WSP says that troopers themselves will not tweet but staff from the Government & Media Relations office will from their office in Tacoma.

When asked if incidents would be labeled by location with hashtags, Coon responded with: “Not all of them, but probably the ones when we reference specific locations.”

WSP covers statewide highways. In order for your residents to actively follow along, they’ll need a local connection. That can be solved by using location based hashtags. Interested parties could then follow along via that hashtag search.

Using a separate Twitter account would also allow for the opt-in technique and they wouldn’t make the same mistake the Seattle Police Department made by posting 40+ tweets per hour losing over 400 followers. 

They state no stimulation of tweets will occur and they will spew out as is as they happen. Prepare yourself before it begins. Know what you’re getting yourself into when you decide to follow: @WAStatePatrol. They’ll also be using the hashtag: #DayWithWSP.

Dispatch fragments are only one side of the story. They may offer the incident classification and highway marker, but they lack the human-connection. This is why I hope that my ride-along stories prevail as a form of insight to law enforcement. Plus, how would these official dispatch offices tweet that their officer is approaching a… “working girl”.

My next ride-along will be with Shoshone County Sheriff’s Office on Friday, August 12th starting at 4 p.m. Follow along via Twitter: @BlushResponse


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