2nd Annual Creative Spaces, Part 2 of 2

The final installment of creative spaces is upon us, Comrades. These are a selection of a few Twitter users that graciously agreed to let me in their space to show the world just how messy (or neat) their desk is. I picked a vast choice of individuals from stay-at-home fathers kicking off their photography business or the guy that’s been sending you those lightbulbs in the mail. You’ve seen them on Twitter. You may follow them. They may follow you. Here they are:

@TeresaIde - Destination Marketing Coordinator
Teresa Ide – Destination Marketing Coordinator, Spokane Regional Convention & Visitors Bureau

“For me, nothing defines a person better than by the places they’ve been to and the things they’ve seen and experienced. My work space is filled with lots of photos and silly knickknacks from countries I’ve visited around the world. And working in the tourism industry, it’s literally my job to encourage other people to travel. How great is that!? And when I’m in need of a little pick-me-up at work, I’ll look through my photos and let my mind wander back to the time I fed elephants in Thailand, painted a school for orphans in India and sipped local wine in a Guatemalan village. These memories fuel my passion for travel and help me get other people fired up about experiencing cool, new places.”

Follow via Twitter: @TeresaIde

@HucksOnline - Columnist/Blogger

Dave Oliveria – Columnist/Blogger, Spokesman-Review (North Idaho Bureau)

“I enjoy being surrounded by remembrances of some 41 years as a professional journalist, as well as toys and other conversation pieces. Mebbe it’s the kid that’s still lurking somewhere within. My workplace makes me smile. It’s orderly, yet jammed with fun things that I enjoy discussing with visitors. My home office is similar, possibly more jammed, because it’s a little smaller. One of these days I’ll have to count how many Huckleberry Hounds that I have in my office. I’d guess about 15.”

Follow via Twitter: @HucksOnline

@ErickDoxey - Photographer/Stay-at-Home Dad

Erick Doxey – Photographer/Stay-at-Home Dad, Self-Employed

“Working from home is a new concept to me, so it’s taken time to find out what works for me and what doesn’t. I quickly figured out that ‘work flows’ are ever-changing when it comes to raising a newborn child for the first time, so setting up permanent areas is a futile effort. Luckily, I’ve started my new photography endeavor, which has allowed me to create a little ‘pocket of stability’ within the chaos. ironically, since that is a new concept to me as well, it too is constantly changing while I figure out what best works when working on photos at home.”

Follow via Twitter: @ErickDoxey & @ClarkDoxey

@Dan_at_Avista - Communications Manager

Dan Kolbet – Communications Manager, Avista Utilities, Mission Campus

“My desk sits at the intersection of five hallways, so often the nearby traffic and sound flow directs my work flow. All the cubes in Corporate Communications are open to each other. We like it that way. It’s so much easier to discuss an idea or get an opinion when we’re all living in the same world. That’s not to say I don’t have a nice set of earplugs in my desk drawer, though. Since I do employee communications and social media (among other things), I can get away from my desk pretty easily to see what’s happening around our three state service territory – that’s enjoyable and one way I’m helping customers and employees stay in the know about Avista. But when I’m at my desk I’m pretty much head down, jumping from one project to another.”

Follow via Twitter: @Dan_at_Avista & @DanKolbet

@JonBSnyder - City Councilman District 2, Position 2

Jon Snyder – City Councilman District 2, Position 2, City of Spokane

“My office is kind of set up to not allow me to be terribly comfortable there. The weird paradox of public service is that the more time I spend there the less I seem to get done. I find I am more effective if I am out in the community meeting with people and working on policy. My office is kind of pitstop between City meetings for me. My offices keeps me moving–that’s my workflow!” (See another photo of his office.)

Follow via Twitter: @JonBSnyder

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