2nd Annual Creative Spaces, Part 1 of 2

As planned once per year, I examine the office spaces of regional Twitter users. You may recognize the names. For some, adding a face to that Twitter handle is a first and perhaps a surprise. It’s even a bigger surprise when you learn they’re more a neat-freak than you anticipated. Either that, they really cleaned up their desk before they were photographed. After all, some of these individuals represent some of the biggest Spokane company names including Greater Spokane Incorporated, STCU and more. Others were photographed, but they will be revealed… all in good time. Each year the list changes, as does the rise and fall of regional Twitter users. Here’s this week’s featured five with some quick thoughts about their space, straight from the horse’s mouth. Unedited and raw.

@LKissler - New Media & Marketing OfficerLance Kissler – New Media & Marketing Officer, STCU

“Although I have mobile tools to manage much of my workflow while I am out of the office, the interaction I have with my team mates and others in the credit union occur either in my office area or nearby. Thus, I spend a decent amount of my day in my workspace, but always look for opportunities to visit those of my colleagues, as well as get out into the community (such as events or offsite meetings for a scenery change). Overall, I am very happy with my workspace. My coworkers have made it a comfortable “home away from home” for me, so that I enjoy coming into work on a daily basis.”

Follow via Twitter: @LKISSLER & @STCU & @SOMEPRTIPS

@K_Dudley - Marketing & Communications Coordinator Kevin Dudley – Marketing & Communications Coordinator, Greater Spokane Incorporated

“Our office space is set up so those that work closest can easily communicate with each other. If we were all in individual offices, we’d all be in little boxes and more isolated than we think. My individual space always has the last few issues of the Journal of Business present. That publication is essential because I need to know what’s going on in the business world in and around Spokane. My two monitors are a life and productivity saver. Sometimes, I wish I had three.”

Follow via Twitter: @K_DUDLEY & @GREATERSPOKANE

@AllyShoshana - Communications Manager Ally Shoshanna – Communications Manager, Design Spike

“It randomly confuses me and keeps me productive. Depends on the distractions and the paperwork.”


@VeraciSpokane - Pizza Maker Extraordinaire  Laura and Seth Carey – Pizza Maker Extrordinaires, Veraci Pizza

“Being outside while we work can either have a positive or negative effect on our production depending on the weather. When its raining its wet, and when its hot, we’re standing next to a 1000 degree oven. We have truly enjoyed being mobile and getting to know three different communities at the Farmers Markets we are at each week. In that way our workspace is truly unique in that the scenery and crowd changes often.”

Follow via Twitter: @VERACISPOKANE

@SpoCool - Blogger Remi André – Blogger, SpoCool

“Creative food can feed creative senses, and Latah Bistro has been a particular favorite location for planning many of our contests. The laid-back,intimate atmosphere lends itself perfectly for conversation, and the food is delicious.”

Follow via Twitter: @SPOCOOL

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One response to “2nd Annual Creative Spaces, Part 1 of 2”

  1. Lance K. says :

    Those sure are some good looking people in your featured profiles! 🙂
    Nice work, Nicole!

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