May Recap of Your Community

Soccer Ball Watch of 2011 Continues

It all started with a lunch date under the totem poll. I looked into the river and just saw this red soccer ball bouncing back and forth. Over and under. It was pretty much the most amazing thing ever. Remember the plastic bag scene in American Beauty? This wasn’t as cool, but it was getting there. One tweet led to more tweets from not just me. There’s practically a fan club now and official statements from Avista regarding the soccer ball and other river debris. I wonder what the Spokane Riverkeeper has to say about these soccer balls.

Idaho Receives Honorable Mention from the League of American Bicyclists

Talk about the Twitter lolz. This story got the attention of a notorious North Idaho Twitter user known for the snark and the rage. He says bikes are for liberals, I say exercise is for Idaho! They’re stressed out anyways. According to Huckleberries Online, being 30th on any sort of list, is doing pretty good for Idaho.

Neighborhood Group Wants a Second Open Forum at City Council

I was busy tweeting about neighborhood council cookies when this almost snuck by me. Exploring the topic more made me realize what was going on. They were trying to change the format of city council meetings as we know it. Instead of waiting until the dead of night to say your three minutes of bicycle propaganda, you could do it at the beginning!

The Stork Dropped Off a Baby Chipmunk!

I love cute. I love baby animals. You can then imagine what this story entails just by the two words: baby + chipmunk. Get ready to tilt your head and say, “Awwwww…”.

Missing Steer!

I overheard our assignment editor lamenting the loss of her farm’s brand new steer. He had gone running off and they spent most of the morning looking for him. How hard is it to lose a steer? They’re kind of big beasties. They’d be easy to spot, right? Apparently days later, they spotted the steer in the woods, but lost him they searched for a second time. This story made Huckleberries Online when it was featured in the AM Scanner Reports. Next thing I know, I’m trying to think like a steer, new, but lost in the world. I could see through his eyes. We bonded.

A Ride-along With Spokane City Police

I’m a big fan of ride-alongs. You learn a lot about your community through them. You learn the personality of neighborhoods and the process of police/deputy work. Sometimes it’s fun, sometimes it’s nerve-wracking. Even as a citizen rider, you feel the nerves of the officers as they approach situations not knowing what’s around the corner. I had a dream recently where I became a police officer. On my first day, I pulled over a speeder and they began to open fire at me. I was a terrible shot and ran out of ammunition. but magically back up came and shot the shooter dead. I survived. I counted the bullets in the shooters gun and counted three. If my backup hadn’t arrived, it would have been a different outcome. I explained my dream to a deputy and they told me, “I have that dream every single week.”

2,600 Miles, 26 Weeks, 26 Dresses

I got an email from a Moses Lake man who asked me, “Have you seen this?” He sent me to a Facebook page that displayed a man… wearing wedding dresses in the woods. I had a fun time trying to pitch this interview to my boss. The story got picked up by a radio talk show host in St. Louis. Ron Ulrich is actually from the area and happened to be in town when the host, Charlie Brennan, called him for an interview. Do you have a wedding dress he could use? Email him:

Midnight Crowd for Fishing Season

Simple. Sweet. This story inspired a midnight adventure with two of my most favorite people in the world, Paulayna. We drove off to Williams Lake to check out the haps of this lake on the start of fishing season. We saw two raccoons fighting in the road. We had a stare down with one of them. The raccoon stared me straight in the headlights. We sat there for a few moments studying each other. I honked my horn and he ran off. Then we got french fries at Zips. Om nom nom.


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