A Tale of Two Goat Cheeses

I first had goat cheese on pizza. When I first look back to that moment, it was like that episode of Full House when one of the Olsen Twins tried it and made that “BLECH” face. I didn’t make that face. I made a yummy face because it was with other delightful veggies and sausage. Brian, one of KXLY’s news producers has goats. The world is starting to learn of his goats through their misadventures and ability to make friends with other animals. Because of this, my world was re-introduced to goat cheese. I tried to two types of goat cheese just to see what I liked better.

Brian’s Goat Cheese

It was served in a plastic Tupperware container. It was chilled and had the consistency of cream cheese. I scooped up a chunk with a cracker. It was like whipped cream cheese. A little sweet, but it went well with the round fluffy buttery cracker. I’ll never forget that moment. Being a non-religious individual, this was a religious moment, but I kept it to myself in the newsroom. They all think I’m weird anyways because I Ustream my cats.

Rocket Market Goat Cheese

You can get it in the deli case in the back along with the margarita sandwiches. I had to compare and attempt to re-create that moment I had in the newsroom on Monday. It was encased like brie. I wanted that whipped consistency so I through it in a mixing bowl with a little milk to whip it up. I scooped it back into its container. It looked like what I remembered. Suddenly I smelled that awful blue cheese smell. That’s weird. I tasted it. It tasted like goat cheese, but it wasn’t sweet. It was like blue cheese. It’s okay, but it wasn’t the same.

Winner? Brian’s Goat Cheese. I’m so impressed with it that I’m buying a gallon of it from him. $6/gallon.  The plan? Pizza with veggies and sausage. I think anyone who is a fan of Veraci Pizza will be a little jealous.


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