What’s Your Pet Peeve About Spokane Streets?


The Brownes Addition neighborhood council meetings are always very interactive and engaging. They begin by going around the room with introductions and answering a question of the month.

This month’s question was: What’s your biggest pet peeve about Spokane streets?

Mayor Mary Verner who was in attendance answered, “my biggest pet peeve is not having a no-cost solution to fixing streets.”

Councilman Jon Snyder, also in attendance, responded, “I hate seeing people in wheel chairs unable to access sidewalks.”

To learn more about this evenings city council meeting, follow my tweets!

What’s your biggest pet peeve about Spokane streets?


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One response to “What’s Your Pet Peeve About Spokane Streets?”

  1. Brie says :

    Thta most of them have not been redone in over 25 years. This means they are crumbling and becoming very dangerous…yet the same streets get fixed each year. I get main streets in the city need fixing often but the other streets get ignored as they become more and more crumbled and potholed. I have a neighbor that has a pothole opening up in front of his mailbox…on a major scale…yet nothing is done about it.

    Sure they coem with their tar buckets and try and fill in the cracks but that lasts about 4 months tops. Where is the money going that taxpayers pay each year? Why are Spokane’s streets being left to crumble like ones in a third world country?

    Yeah…that is what I think of the streets here in town.

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