In Brief: George McGrath


For weeks I’ve had a burning question. I’ve attended a couple of Spokane City Council meetings and I’ve noticed a pattern. George McGrath always has something to say.

Before the May 2nd meeting I approached him with a simple question: “George, how do you prepare for city council meetings?”

I had a lot of romantic notions involving the breakfast of champions, the sharpening of his wit on a sacred Spokane stone or even a traditional dinner spot.

He responded quite simply:

“I get ready and give myself time enough to see how they’ll shaft us tonight,” McGrath said.

Before the start of each meeting you can see him speed reading through the 3-ring binder that can be found on the desk before entering the council chambers. It’s called the Citizens Packet.

He continued, “It’s all smoke and mirrors and gibberish.”

To learn more about today’s city council meeting, read my tweets!


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