Best States for Decomposition

Jim Flynn training (LOC)Most blog entries are inspired by conversations on Twitter. Multiple minds offering input is the perfect outlet of new ideas and angles to a topic. Today’s topic: decomposition of zombies. In a conversation with @harbingeralpha, we pondered what state would be the best for survival purposes if you went by the rule of how long it took for a zombie to decompose. The goal would be to get the zombie to a point where it could no longer affectively continue its search for brains.

I turned to the experts.

Dr. M. Lee Goff is a forensic entomology at Chaminade University in Honolulu. He’s been a consultant to CSI television program. He’s kind of into bugs. Forensic entomology is the study of insects and other arthropod biology to criminal matters. specifically death investigations. They can use their studies to detect drugs and poisons, determine the location of an incident and find the presence and time of the infliction of wounds.

When a body dies, it attracts all kinds of nasty critters that want to devour it. You can use the known knowledge behind those critters to determine the time of death. You can also find how long it will take to decompose based on that knowledge.

When I asked Goff to give me a top five list of states that would decompose zombies the fastest, he gave me a simple answer: “It all depends.” That doesn’t make for a good blog entry.

He continued: “For an annual basis, look at states nearer the tropics where there are high temperatures year round, such as Hawaii and Florida.”

Other states are better during some parts of the year.

“Louisiana, Tennessee, parts of Texas and Arizona would be faster during some times of the year, although areas such as Arizona may have delayed decomposition due to exceptionally high temperatures combined with mummification during the mid-late summer,” he said.

It looks like for survival purposes, the deep south and tropical states might be our best bets for survival, unlike the Pacific Northwest. Spokane would be awful because winter never ends.

“Northern states may have relatively rapid decomposition rates that then stop during the winter,” Goth said.

What state do you plan on placing your bets for survival?



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