April Recap of Your Community

Just because I was curious, I counted up how many stories I’ve written for KXLY’s Your Community. It came out to 69. I figured that was a notable number to do a quick recap and repost some of my favorites from the past two weeks that maybe you’ve missed and would love to read. We’ll start from most recent and go back about two weeks.

Communication Challenges from City to Neighborhoods

For two weeks, I focused on this mind-boggling series of events. Even the council members said it, it’s complicated! Todd Stecher said this, “After sitting through tonight’s meeting, I know I never, ever want to be a member of the City Council,” on Neighbors 4 Neighborhoods’ blog. I attended two council meetings and I can now say I’m addicted to it. After four hours my attention span does start going off the deep end and I try to keep myself entertained by wondering how George McGrath prepares for city council meetings. Barb Chamberlain suggested a breakfast of champions. I’m going to find out.

Local Blog Criticizes Changes to County’s Earth Day Proclamation

I made calls to the county commissioners, but they made no attempt to return my calls with a comment. None the less,  I think this was an interesting debate. Is that paragraph about global warming controversial? It’s been a term tossed around since 1975. 36-years later, people are still upset over its use or non-use. I’ll be touring the water reclamation facility that is discussed in the last paragraph next week. Expect the same deal I did with Avista’s Post Street Substation.

What’s Your Zombie Contingency Plan?

Zombies are the one conversation topic that can guarantee comments. Some people have their thoughts on what defines human life. Some people have binders full of contingency documents detailing their Plan B if the dead walk the Earth. I may or may not be one of those people. If you’re not, you may need to practice running from zombies in your neighborhood.

Mystery in the Smithsonian 

This story almost didn’t happen. After a quick phone call to the Smithsonian American Art Museum to confirm the artist information on the photograph, I was immediately told, “That photo is copyrighted. You may not use it.” Uh oh. If I can’t use the photo to talk about the tree, I might as well go home. Imagine a story that read like this: “Theres this photo in a museum. Picture this: It’s a tree from Spokane and it’s in black and white.” Not cool. After a few “Pleeeease” and a couple more phone calls, they got a hold of the artist, Lee Friedlander and he gave me permission. Thank you, Lee!

Want a Free Compost Bin?

I just want to start off by saying, I hate worms. Even if it’s for composting. They’re gross and all wiggly. This story is one of my favorites because somebody told me they’re going to this event because they read about it when it was posted by Spokane Public Market on their Facebook wall. I got a little happy even if they will be playing with worms at the event. Honestly though, worms are gross.

Spokane NeighborWoods Promoting Critical Thought

I find this project idea exciting. I plan on following through with the planning process of this to see where it goes. NeighborWoods suggested it and it will go to the neighborhood council to be discussed. I’m attending that meeting hoping to find interested neighbors that will do something with this. There’s something I love about little gardens or “neighborwoods” in random places.

Goats. Coming to a Business Near You

There’s nothing cuter than a baby cute. Don’t even try to argue with that. I followed around a volunteer group all morning and we met some many happy people who really wanted to hold a baby goat. I think the photos really make the story. That goat now has a lovely home in the Spokane Valley on a farm with other goats.


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