10 Reasons Why You Should Support KYRS

Cross-posted from Save the Moon Radio.

Your support of KYRS affects Save the Moon as equally as other programming on Thin Air Community Radio. Here’s a list of personalized reasons why you should support KYRS.

Full Moon

Your Humble Narrator On the Air taken by Erick Doxey.

1. It keeps your humble narrator off the streets and in the studio with a hobby.

2. It’s the only place you’ll hear crazy radio antics between your humble narrator and Paul Dillon, of Down to Earth.

3. It’s the only place you’ll hear The Chieftains, David Bowie, Arcade Fire, Tchaikovsky and great local music all in one show.

4. When life gets totally down and out, I play audio documentaries about the moon landing on vinyl.

5. I have shows that are just vinyl sometimes and I use that as an excuse to play super amazing songs like The Rolling Stones’ Sympathy for the Devil.

6. The Main Market Co-Op plays my radio show in their store from time to time on a Sunday morning.

7. I’m underwritten by a farmer. True story. The guy lives in Hartline. He also kicks my ass at bowling.

8. Speaking of bowling: I’m a terrible bowler. My latest high score was 85. Before that, 65. I improve with every KYRS bowling fundraiser. Meaning, we need more KYRS bowling nights for me to improve my score. Meaning you need to support KYRS so we can have more bowling nights! Your donation improves my bowling score. See the logic there?

9. I’m also underwritten by the coolest record store in town: Unified Groove Merchants.

10. A listener once told me he wanted to date my voice. True story.

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