Tutorial: How to Save the Mac

Dear Foursquare, I’m at the Elk. Excuse me while I whip out my Instagram to take a picture to inform the masses about just how easy it is to Save the Mac. Meanwhile that Instagram, will automatically post to Facebook and Twitter. Oh, technology, marry me?

The Elk is one of many businesses participating in a group action to protect our local museum, the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture. It faces possible closure due to state-wide budget cuts. Citizen uproar has caused our community to spastically press the imaginary dislike button to inform our legislators like State Senator Lisa Brown (D) and Michael Baumgartner (R).

The MAC is an asset to this community and you too can share your frustrations and desire to keep the museum by participating in this cool deal.

Step 1. Go to any participating business. The Spokesman Review features a list of businesses and their specials. It includes The Elk, Tully’s, Italia Trattoria, The Avenue and the Roberts Mansion. For today’s example I will feature The Elk.

Step 2. Ask your server for details. My server for the evening was Dude in a Hat. As soon as I expressed interest in the special, he returned with a clipboard including a letter to your legislator template.

Step 3. Sign here! You need only fill in the legislator of your choice and your name and address. The message says the following, “I love the MAC and visit with friends and family several times a year. It’s important that we have a connection to our history — and that’s what I find at the MAC. It is more than a museum — it is a center of education. There are so many things to discover and experience. We appreciate and look forward to learning about our past. The MAC makes it come alive. Please save the MAC.”

Step 4. Order a drink!

You also get a couple Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture postcards to keep! My suggestion for that, use it to write ANOTHER message when you get home. This time from your own heart instead of a template. Besides, everybody loves post cards.

Meanwhile there’s a bell that is constantly going off. The romantic in me was hoping it went off for every submitted letter. Turns out, it was just for food.


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