Paulayna, a Portrait Session

Portrait sessions might be my favorite thing in the world. Especially when they’re with two friends that make me laugh and are not afraid to open up to me. Fear is the biggest hindrance to portrait photography. Fear is what produces your run of the mill senior portrait with the toothy smile resting on the fist. I entered the home of my latest subjects and that environment brought the best out for everyone to see.

The Furry Tractor

Not gonna lie though, they’re a little strange. The first thing they did was a position called, the Furry Tractor. I would say that was the moment where everything became weird… in a good way. We got to the bottom of who this couple was, what made them tick and why they obviously adore each other. This was a dream portrait session that laid everything on the table.
"Oh hai, Mom!"

You can tell by the environment that this couple lives for the unusual. Every wall has unpredictable art including artless frames. Every piece of furniture probably sat in five previous owner’s residence. The boyfriend is okay with wearing pajamas tops with their girlfriend’s red scarf, while the lady is very okay with letting him mount her… for a piggy back ride. I hope for more portrait sessions like this.


If you know of two individuals who are crazy for each other and the lime light, let me know. I want to take their picture.



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