Missing… Gnome

My dear friend, Sven, has gone missing. He was snatched during slumber from the safety of my car. The kidnappers sent this photo. I briefly heard his deathly frightened Norwegian accent when they called. They made no demands.

Sven has been a long time companion of your humble narrator. He’s traveled all around the United States. He doesn’t say much, but in silence he conquers the world! Let me explain his travels to you through images over the years.

Sven Goes To Work
He arrived at my side on my 21st birthday. He was alone and scared in the world, so I brought him to work. There’s no where less frightening than the fake realm of a television studio. He fit right in. Especially on camera.

He soon stretched his legs and hopped into my suitcase to Las Vegas. He had a wild affair, joined the Communist party, got locked out of the hotel room, sneaked on board a tram, almost got a tattoo and joined a Kubrick reenactment club. He decided that he loved traveling.

Sven Impressed By The Airplane

Tiring of the shady life style of Vegas, he opted to go out for a quiet retreat in the wilderness. He at last felt at home among the foliage. He even became an impressive camp cook.

Recently, the Hensley family took him to Florida. I was not there to share this adventure, but evidence of his escapades leaked onto the internet. The ocean breeze put him in good health and he started a sea shell collection. Some say, he even found a space shuttle.

Since Florida, he has long retired. Sometimes I find him in my suitcase or back pack, hoping for one last adventure. I was hoping to take him to Seattle next month. I guess Seattle wasn’t good enough for him. That’s what made him sleep in the car the past couple of nights. That’s how he was kidnapped.

Now that I don’t hear his quiet tip-toeing throughout the house, I am sad. I hope he comes back soon. I can only imagine what his kidnappers are doing to him.


About blushresponse

online web producer, photographer, radio host and producer, social media enthusiast, occasional blogger and newbie bicyclist who had their bike stolen. #FAIL

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