Steamy Ideas of Grandeur

I’ve never been much of an auditory person which is surprising due to my interest in music. I see music, I don’t hear it. (Which explains my ability to sight-read music for piano and my inability to play by ear.) It produces the movie in my mind that goes frame by frame. During my college days while learning the theatrical arts, I was known for picking the right music for the right moment. The real secret to my success: instrumental minimalism produces the images that you want it to produce. If you think it will go well with morning fog in a meadow, then it will. If you think it will go well with the wind in your hair on the Palouse, it will.

Music inspired this photo shoot.  I was driving over the Columbia River and Laura Marling was singing I Speak Because I Can to me alone. I saw this image in my mind. In a moment of panic, I called Taylor Weech and told her what I saw. She probably thought I was off my rocker, but a little crazy never hurt anybody. I saw a man either dressing or undressing his shirt. I saw a woman sleeping. And I saw mirrors… so many mirrors!

I arrived back in Spokane and I made it happen. I found a man. I found some mirrors. I redesigned my bedroom to have that “look”. I also threw all my junk in the closet, but that’s another story for another time. It may look like a normal bedroom, but its amazing what turning a bed and two night stands a couple of degrees will do to an image. I thank Terry Converse for that one.

Late one evening, my models showed up at my door, nervous, not knowing what to expect. I hyped it up to be this rather sexy endeavor. The finished product was rather melancholy, not the steamy idea of grandeur we all had running through our heads. In every inch of this photo, there was something to be said.

A week later, after the success of my first art show, I wonder what else I can do with this idea. What other scenes can I create? The writer, the director, the designer is dying to break out.

– See the Photos: Photo #1 & Photo #2

– Michael Reid, the man in the photos above was recently featured in The Inlander’s article of The Inland Northwest’s Sexiest People.

– Facebook: Blush Response Photography



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