“How was Arizona, Nicole?”

No idea. I spent my entire time on an Indian reservation in the middle of a desert. I did see some cactus’ though! They’re tall and rather… prickly. Their proper name was the Saguaro Cactus. It takes 100-years plus to grow a certain height.

As a foreigner to these desert lands, I learned that cactus are kind of a big deal. They name their streets after them. They decorate them with Christmas lights. Oh, and they police them. Vandalizing a cactus is called cactus plugging. I don’t know about you, but anything with cactus and suspicious behavior seems to always end in tears. Example: The Grundman Incident & “Couple Run From Police and Into a Patch of… Cactus”.

I traveled to Arizona with Silver Auctions for their latest auction at Fort McDowell Casino & Resort. I’ve seen my fair share of classic cars to last me a few months. Under the wings of a former Idaho State Patrol Officer, I learned a thing or two about cars. Specifically: VIN Plates. Just by looking at a car, I could probably tell you where the VIN plate is located and judging by the screws on the plate, I can tell you if its original (round screws) or it’s been replaced (rosette screws). These were life skills that could last me a lifetime.

On my way home, I realized that this trip was way too smooth. On these kind of trips something strange ALWAYS happens to me. Since we were flying over Oregon, I knew I only had an hour or so for that strange incident to occur. Knowing my luck, it would be any second in the form of… well I wasn’t sure. I turned the volume up on my iPhone so David Bowie’s sweet sweet voice could calm my nerves. That’s when it happened. It came in the form of an on-board snack. Or the lack thereof. I was handed a bag of “Plane Crackers” (pun intended). There were no crackers.

It was a bag of air. Oh, the humanity.



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