My Secret to Adventures

People ask me all the time, “How did you get to take photos there?” I think about it for a moment. I didn’t hop a fence, though I won’t deny that I’ve done that before. I didn’t have to outrun a train. I didn’t disguise myself as a journalist. I just asked! One afternoon, I called up the delightful Anne from Public Relations at Providence-Sacred Heart Medical Center and told her that I was in need of a downtown view of Spokane and I had a theory the helicopter pad would be a prime location for that shot. My first thought was Cliff Park, but everyone goes to Cliff Park. The closest and tallest building to downtown was the hospital. After that it would be St. John’s Cathedral, but that’s another trip for another time.

I drove down the South Hill Monday afternoon and noticed the sun in the Southern position from downtown and the clouds swooping just right in this nice curved motion. Like a wave. I was getting a little excited over this.

I checked into the hospital and snaked my way to the Public Relation’s office to where I met with Anne. We strolled to the main elevators and waited for the security man. We didn’t know what a hospital security man would look like. Suddenly a rather legit gentleman broadly walked our way. In the whole crowd of people, he knew we were the ones he was to meet wtih.His named turned out to be Chuck. I’ve never met a Chuck I didn’t like. He was quiet, reserved and dutiful. What a swell guy. He escorted us up the patient elevator. During busy moments, the hospital will staff the patient elevator with its own attendant. That way the nurses and doctors can transport the patient as quickly as possible from floor to floor without fumbling with buttons.

The 9th floor led us to the roof. It was somewhat cluttered and not what I expected as the entryway to the helicopter pad, but I didn’t dwell on that for long when I looked outside and over the edge saw the city. To think, last week I was concerned about weather. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day.

The wind blew and I snapped away while Chuck the Security Man guarded the door like a stone golem. I exhausted every angle of Spokane and after my hair had blown every which way, I felt it was time to retire to the confines of hospital. I think we all felt like world-famous adventurers that afternoon going somewhere beyond the reach of the general public. Interestingly enough, just as I was about to post this, somebody on Facebook asked, “So how did you get up there?” Well, Phil… I asked. You don’t need to be a ninja and sneak into buildings to get photographs. I’ve learned that operations such as this, love to be flourished with attention. From media spots to small word of mouth mentions. You’re doing each other a service by cooperating together. Sometimes by asking and showing genuine interest, you’ll receive more than you’d ever expect.


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