Yesterday’s Fashion

I believe the inspiration for the December Shrinking Violets poster came to life at El Que in Browne’s Addition. At first the word lingerie was tossed around, but that idea was tucked away for a future time to be announced. I had a simple idea and all I needed was the atmosphere to make it happen.

A new vintage clothing store opened up recently in Finder Keeper’s old location. Carousel, owned by Jenny Stabile, caught my eye a few months ago and ever since then, I’ve found myself going back over and over for dresses, jewelry and purses. I knew immediately that I wanted Jenny’s store to be involved so I awkwardly marched in one day with a “million dollar proposition“. Turns out, things are rather easy if you just ask. Suddenly, I had fashionable products for my models, Andrea, Danielle and Taylor, to showcase.

Taylor Weech

Andrea Estes

Danielle Wegman

Though none of us are truly fashion professionals, I think this is a step in the right direction. Whether or not they decide to pursue modeling,  at least I know this is something I can pull off in the future with the help of more local talent and fashion outlets.

The original purpose of this collaboration was to add a visual component to the monthly Shrinking Violet’s Ladies Who Lunch. Everything else is just details. Like the purpose of the group, we bonded over this experience. Even when the wind with excruciating wind chill picked up every single time we went outside and to the post photo shoot brunch at Madeline’s where we wondered who all those cool kids with the hip fashion sense in Spokane were and where they came from.

“Taylor, you’re bringing a bowl of warm “crumpled Inlander flavored” muffins to this random lunch in a random field where Andrea is loving the excruciating wind chill because she has tea and a fur coat… and that’s all she needs. Danielle, you’re pouring tea in a random field because that’s what all the cool kids are doing these days.”


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One response to “Yesterday’s Fashion”

  1. carol says :

    Makes me proud to know you gals. I feel inspired…kinda like, wow, maybe I was cool too when I was your age and I just didn’t know it. (Some of us are late bloomers.)

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