Creative Spaces, Part 2 of 2

The last photo shoot took me fifty miles north bound to beautiful scenery in the forested land outside Springdale. Before that I discovered the best view in Spokane of fall foliage by visiting the Academic Center of the Riverpoint Campus. All of this to complete the last round of the Creative Spaces showcase. Last week we took a look into five Spokane people and their workspace. This week, we’ve got five more remaining. These are the creative spaces as defined (in their own words) by some cool users on Twitter.

Ryan Pitts – Senior Digital Media Editor, Spokesman Review
“I feel pretty lucky that I have an office to work in, where I can close the door if I really have to focus carefully on something. I also tend to have music going while I work, laid back most of the time, but Iron Maiden or The Sword if I have to kick something out on deadline 😉 So again, that door can come in handy. I could stand to have a few more things on my walls, but I’m pretty normal when it comes to surrounding myself with geek trinkets. Gandalf, ninjas, Voltron, monkeys (somehow I started to amass a collection of monkeys, and I’m not sure how), and bacon-themed paraphernalia. All these things make me happy, and that, of course, helps get things done. Macs make me happy too. Having a (reasonably) clear desk in front of me with an iMac and a spare monitor is by far the best work setup I’ve ever had. And hey, I’ve got a whiteboard. Who doesn’t love a whiteboard. With doors so you can hide your super-secret plans for total domination.”

Follow via Twitter: @RyanPitts

Mark Simonds – Freelance Web Strategist & Developer
“I have a ton of directional lighting in my work space. There isn’t much I despise more than a big, dull overhead light in the middle of a room. I’m weird like that I guess.”

Follow via Twitter: @Simonds

Scott Mueller – Consultant, Marketing and Promotions Specialist
“Right now my work space is still being created. This blank slate is continually challenging me to reevaluate the types of work and art I will create. The shear volume of possibilities has been daunting and encouraging at the same time.”

Follow via Twitter: @CultureSculptor

Jamie Morgan – Owner, NW Marketing 411
“I work in a semi-cluttered space, but it helps me to multi-task and having lots of visual reminders around me like magazines etc. keep the idea engine rolling. I work with mainly tourism related businesses or activities so “working” from local coffee shops and restaurants lets me observe and interact with lots of different people. Also, gives me a chance to get the feel for a locations atmosphere for marketing purposes.” Editor’s Note: Check out Jamie’s home office

Follow via Twitter: @JamieMorganCDA

Barb Chamberlain – Director of Communications and Public Affairs, Washington State University Spokane
“When I need to charge my batteries I look out my window, which faces south directly over the future bike/pedestrian bridge that I will someday use as my commuting route to work. I love the mix of past, present and future potential my view offers–that’s really the story I get to tell in my work. I use two monitors, which gives me twice the real estate on which to have multiple projects open. That works for me because if one thing gets stale I can switch to another. Add in my phone and laptop and it’s multitasking on steroids (and caffeine).” Editor’s Note: Check out another view of Barb’s Office

Follow via Twitter: @BarbChamberlain

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One response to “Creative Spaces, Part 2 of 2”

  1. Barb Chamberlain says :

    Hey, I rearranged my office and my painting is back. Better feng shui (I’m guessing at this but the office feels totally different) and more color. So if you ever want to come back, just ask!


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