Creative Spaces, Part 1 of 2

For the past few weeks, I’ve been collecting the images of offices, some traditional, some abstract. Does my hint make sense now? You may know these people on a personal level, but maybe this is a side of them you’re not familiar with! You’ve seen the product they make, but have you ever seen the work in-progress? These are the creative spaces as defined (in their own words) by some cool users on Twitter.

Bart Mihailovich

Bart Mihailovich – Spokane Riverkeeper, Center for Justice
“Being that my work space is dynamic and rarely routine, I benefit from new and exciting perspectives and experiences that inject new levels of creativity and inspiration in to my every day. I enjoying going with the flow and adapting to whatever environment I’m placed in – like a river itself!”

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Nick Lawhead

Nick Lawhead – Project Manager, 14Four
“My space facilitates creativity by being ultra-functional. There aren’t many distractions or none-essential items (save the football we were throwing around). Facing the team, people often walk by and give me short updates, or I can ask them questions in passing, which definitely helps to keep things moving. The white board is key – it is used for entertainment, brainstorming and problem solving. Often times, if we can all get around one place and hammer out what we’re thinking, we can come up with a grand solution!”

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Andrew Zahler

Andrew Zahler – Lead Online Producer, Spokesman Review
“My spot near the city desk lacks walls. The openness and location help me stay aware of what’s going on around me: on the scanner, on the networks and among reporters and editors who are talking about the news of the moment, as well as what’s coming up. Colleagues with questions or ideas for the web can walk right up to chat. I couldn’t do this as easily in a cubicle. And a few kitschy items on my desk remind me that I’m in this job because it’s fun.”

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Josh Wade – Owner; Nectar Tasting Room; Nectar Wine Blog and Publisher of Spokane Wine Magazine
“When working from home it was important to me to have a space of my own that represents the things I love. While being in my basement can feel isolating at times, I love being able to close the door and walk away. The music, pictures, and memories help spur on my creativity. The only think I miss, when in my basement office, is the windows to the outside world – especially in the summer.”

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Young Kwak

Young Kwak – Owner/Photographer/Videographer at Young Kwak
For photoshoots and videoshoots, I approach each workspace the same. I have an idea of what I might want to accomplish beforehand. But, more often than not, it is about adapting to a situation, since most of my photography is out on location. For a portrait, that maybe figuring out what the space looks like and what might look good. Sometimes, I have minutes to change direction if something isn’t going to work. For a spot news story or sports, it is about putting myself in a location so that I can get the best photo possible. For video, it is about adapting also. I look for the same things as do in photography as far as space and lighting is concerned. For editing, I edit in my office. The fact that all of my editing equipment is set up all the time helps me with a consistent workflow in processing my photos and editing video.”

Follow via Twitter: @YoungKwak

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