Life Lessons in Photography

Does anyone else find it disturbing that in Spokane, there might be more photographers in a concert audience than concert-goers? With that said, I think it’s best I take my hand out of concert photography for a while. This was my conclusion while I visited A-Club and saw the debut of Flying Spiders, a hip-hop collaboration between, “The band is (INHALE) a collaboration between Isamu Jordan (Bad Penmanship) on the mic, Vinnie Nickeloff (Big Wang Theory/Vax Lavala) on drums, Rajah Bose (Picture Radio) on violin/vocals, Armando Arguello (Son Dulce/the Longnecks) on upright bass, Pete Johnson (Longnecks) on guitar, Jamal Ali on keys and vocals, Thuy Dzuong-Nguyen on piano, Sparky, Pancho P and Zac Fawcett (Groove Patrol, Real Life Rockaz) on horns and the Smooth Soul Eclectics singing back-up.” (- Leah Sottile, The Inlander).

There’s no reason to compete especially when they all crowd the front stage area to get the same close-up shots of all the musicians individually. The best I can do is identify the weakness in this army of photographers (professional and amateur) and attend to that weakness. I found that weakness and it produced this shot:

Spokane's Ultimate Collaboration

I captured the atmosphere of the concert, the members of the group, the excitement, the comradely and I’m happy with this defining shot. I’m content that I didn’t capture their faces up-close and personal. It took me awhile to learn this, but when it comes down to concert photography: the close-ups will be captured at every. single. concert. By every. single. photographer. Why would I want to repeat that? At least in this situation, I capture the uniqueness of the event, including the venue, those on and off stage. Last night I learned an important lesson in photography: don’t reinvent the wheel.



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