This Week On Twitter (The Spokane Edition)

#FollowFridays are a weekly award show done right in your Twitter back yard, but you probably never thought of them as such. I follow over 1,000 people and only 397 of those do I closely pay attention. That’s because they fall under my Spokane Twitter List. They’re local and they keep me informed with what’s going on in my community. They’re people just like me. They’re businesses. They’re non-profits. They’re journalists. My Spokane Twitter List tells me what the weather is going to be before I walk out the door. They’ll tell me that there is an accident down the street from me and to take a detour. They’ll tell me about new businesses in Spokane and their future location. They’ll tell me about today’s lunch specials. They’ll share the latest inside-joke between friends. They’ll tell me where the coolest place to be tonight is.

See what I did there? I just showcased This Week On Twitter (The Spokane Edition). I mentioned the best-of for the week in a way that really tells people WHY I selected them. When somebody mentions you for #FollowFriday, there’s a reason. Of course on Twitter there’s never enough characters to explain why you mentioned them. Why not limit the people you mention and really put some words behind what you’re saying. It’s a meaningful thank you that is a form of shout-out/public endorsement that might catch the eye of a roving user.

When you’re looking to follow somebody, you probably adopt the following thought process: “User #1 said something very nice about User #2. I like User #1, so maybe User #2 is just as cool.” You click *follow* and hope for the best! If that’s the case then I think our followers would increase so much on Fridays. Speaking personally, it doesn’t. I can’t recall a surge of followers from any #FollowFriday which makes me assume that they’re not as powerful as they can be. To be more powerful, I suggest more power in your words to back the users you are endorsing.


  • Remember your #FollowFriday every week.
  • Think about the past week and whose tweet effected you the most.
  • State the why in your endorsement.
  • Put it out there like a rock star.



About blushresponse

online web producer, photographer, radio host and producer, social media enthusiast, occasional blogger and newbie bicyclist who had their bike stolen. #FAIL

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