Blogging Sammich

I was about to sit down to write an analysis of Save the Moon’s listener base via its Facebook Page, but I took one bite of my sandwich and I thought otherwise. That was a good sandwich. So good in fact, I feel compelled to share it with you.

nom nom nom

A rainy afternoon constitutes a trip to the grocery store. I’m dripping wet and still in denial that summer is over so it takes a little effort to not slip, fall and die on the floors at Huckleberry’s. I take a carefully planned stroll down the produce, dairy and meat aisle. Each department provided the foundation for this amazing sandwich.

  1. Your choice of wheat bread
  2. 1/2 Avocado (smash it to spread)
  3. 4 slices of cucumber
  4. 2 slices tomato (as thin as you can cut it)
  5. Alfalfa sprouts
  6. Roast Beef
  7. Victor’s Jalapeno Hummus

Spread the smashed avocado and hummus on their own slice of bread. Lightly layer the sprouts on one side and then stack up your veggies. I like to use just two slices of roast beef and I’ll just fold them neatly on whichever side I choose. Put those bad boys together and slice it up.

I paired it with concord grapes, but please be careful of the seeds. If you’re not expecting to bite down on them, you might be a little spooked by the sound of what seems to be your teeth breaking into a million pieces. Calm down, it’s just the seeds breaking apart. They’re edible.

If you really want to top it off, may I suggest an Alaskan Amber?



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