The World According to Social Media

It’s been three years since the original effort to map out our online communities that we have unfortunately learned to love so dearly. Even the ones that we’ve forgotten (Example: Myspace, LinkedIn, Xanga). Recently The Social Network brought tear jerking memories of Livejournal. I spent six years in that dreadful Bay of Drama and I proudly can say, I am done. Moving on!

It’s not the Wild West anymore and we’re entering the Industrial Age of the history of Online Communities. Myspace is no longer a big deal (not that it ever was). What were once sparkling civilizations, are now fragments of crumbling towers and really poorly designed websites.

Check out a visual representation of our Online Communities as mapped out by XKCD in 2007.

No mention of Web 3.0!

The world has changed. Plate tectonics have physically over time changed our planet from a single continent, Pangea, to the way we know it now.  Take a look at this newly mapped out view of our Online Communities and see how everything has changed in the past three years.

Holy Schmoly, Facebook is huge!

Facebook, like the Huns, have taken over large tracts of land and I don’t think there is anything to stop them from expanding further. For certain, I’m sure we can place bets that there are a few “countries” that will hold their own separate grounds from invasion, or in general, just stay isolated: 4Chan (nobody wants to touch that troll infested danger zone), WoW, and cross your fingers: spoken language.

I welcome change and redesign to all websites. I think it keeps things exciting like interior design and buying new shoes. This is where new ideas come from. This is how we keep our minds fresh and constantly looking forward to the next big thing. Don’t ever let yourself relax in the doldrums of safety and “if it’s not broken, don’t try to fix it”. Change is good.



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