Adventures in Complaining (Bicycling)

There are so many ways to ride my bicycle up the South Hill and each one has its own personality. I’ve tried quite the variety and I think I now have a pretty solid opinion of a few routes. Each location starts downtown and works it way up.

#1 Pure Murder

That’s right. Murder. That would be the evil twin of N. Monroe: S. Monroe. Monroe has a gentle incline when you’re downtown, but once you hit 4th you’re praying for a swift and painless death. You get no such luxury. S. Monroe is the route (pun intended) of all evil. This is the ultimate work out.

#2 Cute but Deadly

South Stevens seemed like a good idea at the time. Its gentle incline fooled even me. The kicker is that it is long and just keeps going and going and going. By the time I get to 6th, I’m ready to give up and just pitch camp for the rest of my life.

#3 Are We There Yet?

I thought I would go out of my way just to try something completely different. I rode all the way through town just to go up Maple. It was nice and gentle until I hit 7th. From there you can do a pretty tolerable bike and walk, bike and walk. This was my second favorite.

#4 Suck it up, Nicole!

Okay, I found a route I’m partial to. Going up S. Howard and then cutting through Lewis & Clark High School is just the right amount of torment. It is quiet and not heavily traveled on so I am going with the peaceful bike and walk routine. This may be my route of choice until I find a way to rocket power my bicycle.

Slowly, I’m starting to get used to the idea that this is hard work that hurts now but in the long run it will be worth it. Right?


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online web producer, photographer, radio host and producer, social media enthusiast, occasional blogger and newbie bicyclist who had their bike stolen. #FAIL

One response to “Adventures in Complaining (Bicycling)”

  1. Moni says :

    oh yes. The dreaded South Hill. my husband and I decided to walk down to Bloomsday 4 years ago (we lived up on 14th and Bernard). so, we ended up walking the bloomsday route and then I had to walk up Bernard to get home. It was the longest mile of my life. I may have cried a couple of times.

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