Crassostrea gigas

For those that have dined with me know that I can be very outgoing with trying new foods. I may protest at first, but I’ll tough it out and maybe… just maybe… I’ll like it. Recent additions to my edible repertoire have been frog legs, goose liver foie gras, tacos de lengua and now Quilcene Oysters.

My visits to the westside always consist of traditional visits to each and every single grocery store known to man. It is a matter of survival. Stocking up on food you simply can not get in Spokane. Central Market located in Mill Creek is one of our MANY destinations, mainly for their crab cakes and asian inspired aisle. When I visited the mecha of goodness, it just so happened to be Oyster Tasting Day! Now that was something I had never had before.

I ran like a little girl over to my father who was busy deciding on what kind of seafood to stock up on.

I squealed like a school girl: “Dad, Dad! They have oyster tasting! I’ve never had one! What should I get?”

We both came over to the booth and it was suggested by some lady that I try a Quilcene Oyster. Mainly known as Crassostrea gigas, the Pacific Oyster. I watched the booth host crack open the oyster. Nervously I squeezed a little lemon and tobasco on the slimy looking organ.

Instead of me telling you about the experience, I’ll let these pictures taken by my father explain the story:

Slimy, greasy and very very very interesting.



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