Nessun Dorma

I always thought that Nessun Dorma, the Italian aria, was an epic song fit for romantics just by the sounds of it. Sometimes the simplest curiosity sparks waves of emotion I never thought imaginable. I googled the lyrics and translation for Puccini’s famous aria as well as the story for Turandot. My heart is melting by its swoonable glory.

“In ancient Peking, China, the beautiful Princess Turandot has erected barriers to repel suitors: she will only wed a man of royal lineage who successfully answers her three riddles; anyone who fails will be executed.” – Turandot Synopsis

The Prince
Nessun dorma, nessun dorma …
Tu pure, o Principessa,
Nella tua fredda stanza,
Guardi le stelle
Che tremano d’amore
E di speranza.
No one sleeps, no one sleeps…
Even you, o Princess,
In your cold room,
Watch the stars,
That tremble with love
And with hope.

Ma il mio mistero è chiuso in me,
Il nome mio nessun saprà, no, no,
Sulla tua bocca lo dirò
Quando la luce splenderà,
Ed il mio bacio scioglierà il silenzio
Che ti fa mia.
But my secret is hidden within me;
My name no one shall know, no, no,
On your mouth I will speak it
When the light shines,
And my kiss will dissolve the silence
That makes you mine.

Il nome suo nessun saprà
E noi dovrem, ahimè, morir.
No one will know his name
And we must, alas, die.

The Prince
Dilegua, o notte!
Tramontate, stelle!
All’alba vincerò!
Vanish, o night!
Set, stars!
At daybreak, I shall conquer!

Now match that up with Luciano singing like a rock star. Doesn’t it make you feel passionate about something?



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