New Founded Pride

I am one of those hopeful dreamers who watched our new presidency with awe, curiosity and pride. I don’t feel that pride anymore. Instead, it’s a cynical paranoia. I’m unsure of my country’s future as well as my own.

In my lifetime, I would like to see an American rennaisance. Where arts, sciences are not reduced by government squabbles and lack of funding. I want to see young minds flourish with new ideas in philosophy, biology, physics, literature, life, everything and the universe. I don’t want to wait til my deathbed to see this. I want to see it now. Listening to the State of the Union Address reminded of the pride I felt one year ago.

Is it selfish of me to say I want it all? I am one to say I can’t stand the world moving on without us. I once read an argument that our nation’s progress should not be a catalyst of competition with other nations, but how else did we make it to the moon? Healthy competition is the key to motivation and success. We have new world powers climbing to new highs and I want to be up there with them. I want our country to be a leader in the sciences, arts, culture and humanitarism. I want everything Obama wanted for us in that speech.

My fear is that waiting for our government to do this for us will be like waiting for Godot. Locally, I know this is possible. It’s a start, but igniting the curiousity of people in our community is one way to step forward. I can honestly say, I am no saint when it comes to community efforts and environmentalism. Practicality has gotten the best of me over the years, but I think the options and resources are out there to do our part. Whether it is volunteering in schools, community programs or providing the knowledge of the world’s cultures beyond our borders; we have the tools to succeed. Make a difference.

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