Cassette Tape Revitalization

People like cassette tapes because…

  • They’re cheap cheap cheap!
  • They’re recyclable! Record over and over on them.
  • Some prefer the hiss of the cassette tape.
  • Frequency range closer to what the human ear can actually heard.
  • The ability to listen to their old cassette tapes again.
  • Retro is always cool.
  • The creativity with a cassette tape is almost endless!
  • They’re easy to use.
  • People are too stubborn to let go of the past and are relentlessly nostalgic.
  • They’re knee dip into the DIY culture.
  • You look like a hipster.
  • People don’t like cassette tapes because…

  • Some don’t prefer the hiss of the cassette tape, but rather the warm glow of vinyl.
  • Nothing beats the quality of vinyl.
  • You look like a hipster.
  • You can easily use a little digital post-production with audio to form the same mix style of the mixtape.
  • Have you ever had to re-string a cassette tape?
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    2 responses to “Cassette Tape Revitalization”

    1. CraftLass says :

      Technically, you can record on a cassette a few times but it degrades VERY quickly. I am stuck using cassettes with an old 4-track recorder for demos and it’s torturous after the joys of working in digital. If you want to record more than about 4 takes on any given track you have to start over as the tape stretches and the timing and pitch get screwed up.

      Now, I would be thrilled to be working with, say, 2-inch analog tape, but that costs a fortune and requires room for a giant machine! Lol

      Vinyl obsession, especially for older music, makes sense, but the vast majority of new music is recorded in digital, cancelling out any advantages to listening to a final analog product.

      Also, crackles and pops can add atmosphere to music but hiss is awful and extra-rough on eardrums.

      Yeah, can you tell I’m glad cassettes are mostly gone? Wonderful tehnology way back when but deservedly obsolete to this audiophile/musician/former audio engineer.

    2. Sara says :

      I’ve held a certain fondness for the cassette, including continuing to haul mine around every time I move somewhere. I have some stuff that I dubbed onto cassette that I’d have a hard time getting my hands on again. I may not listen to them very often, but I still bring them out occasionally and always make sure I have a working player in the house. It’s definitely not a hipster thing for me (shudder), but I’m also a dino who is a little packratty. 😉

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